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GRIP X Performance Socks

GRIP X Performance Socks

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Get ready to take your performance to the next level with GRIP X Performance socks!

Features & Benefits  

The GRIP X Pad Technology, breathable micro- vents and elastic fabric gives you more stability and a better fit. 


  • IMPROVE STABILITY: The GRIP X Pad Technology improve traction to prevent your feet slipping in your footwear. 
  • BETTER FIT: Stay comfortable with the high quality elastic material, prevents the sock from loosening and rubbing on your feet which create blisters.

  • IMPROVED CONTROL: The heel has a thick towel bottom which absorbs the force of the ball when you control it.
  • INCREASE SPEED: The anatomical sock design combined with the grip technology give better traction & connection with the ground for increased acceleration and power.  

  • NO MORE SMELLY FEET: The breathable design wicks away moisture to leave feet dry, comfortable and cleaner!
  • For all sporting activities, physical exercise, and athletic training.

  • Available in Black, White, Size: M, L 

  • Material: A combination of Nylon, Cotton, Elastane, Polyester

  • 1 Pair 

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